ZONING Detection

Highlight Features:

  • Customizable Zones: Ability to define specific areas

within the camera’s field of view for monitoring activities.

  • Intrusion Detection: Alerts when an individual or object enters or looms in a designated zone.
  • Activity Heatmaps: Generates visual data on the most frequented areas within the zone for traffic pattern analysis.
  • Loitering Alarms: Can be configured to trigger when a person or object stays in the zone longer than a set time.
  • Privacy Masking: Ability to obscure out regions within a zone to comply with privacy laws.


  • Intrusion Detection on Perimeter: Precisely identifies when a person or object breaches a defined boundary, such as a fence line, critical for perimeter security.
  • Directional Sensitivity: Capable of discerning the direction of movement when the line is crossed, which is vital for understanding the nature of a perimeter breach
  • Tailgating Recognition: Alerts when multiple entities cross a line in quick succession, which is important for detecting unauthorized group entries or follow-ins.
  • Real-Time Alerts: Provides instant notifications to security personnel when a line is crossed, enabling a swift response to potential security breaches.
  • Night Vision Compatibility: Ensures 24/7 functionality by working in conjunction with cameras that have night vision capabilities, essential for continuous perimeter monitoring.


  • Directional Detection: Ability to detect the direction of movement when a line is crossed.
  • Tailgating Alerts: Can alert when multiple entities cross a line in quick succession, indicating possible unauthorized access.
  • Cross Traffic Ignorance: Can ignore cross traffic that does not intersect with the defined line, reducing false positives.

Vehicle Counting and Parking Full Alerts

  • Traffic Flow Analysis: Monitors and counts vehicles entering and exiting to provide valuable data on usage and congestion, essential for managing parking space availability.

  • Dynamic Signage Integration: Works with real-time signage to direct drivers efficiently, enhancing user experience and reducing unnecessary searching for parking.

  • Threshold Alerts: Automatically notifies when parking reaches maximum capacity, which is crucial for managing lot availability and preventing overfill.

  • License Plate Recognition: Combines vehicle counting with identification to ensure only authorized vehicles use the space, improving security and lot management.

  • Historical Data Collection: Gathers usage data over time, enabling predictive analytics for peak times and effective lot planning and management strategies.